Doulas of Utah Valley provides constant support for your pregnancy and birth. From phone calls and text messages during pregnancy to assisting you during your birthing time and into the immediate postpartum period, we'll be with you the whole way. We're excited about your journey. As a doula, our desire is for you to love your birthing story. You deserve an amazing experience, it's one you'll remember your whole life.

We support Utah County, Salt Lake County, and Midway and Heber areas.

She knows her body. He knows his partner. And I know birth. We make a really good team
— Julia Schetky, Do It All Doulas
Ultrasound for natural birth in utah county

As your doula, our goal is to support you, your family, and your birth with no judgment or bias. We specialize in hospital births but love attending home and birthing center births. We're experienced with Hypnobabies, Hypnobirthing, Bradley, Lamaze, and other birthing methods. We love assisting all types of births! If you're planning a medicated birth, an un-medicated birth, or abdominal birth (cesarean); your doula is ready to support you prenatally, physically, emotionally, and with our experienced birth knowledge.

As a doula, we are non-medical, however, we strive to support you and your whole medical team and work together to help you reach your birth goals.

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Lacey Olsen, CD(DONA)
Provo, UT (Edgemont area)

Orem, Provo Edgemont Doula | Utah County Doula

Birth quickly became a passion of mine when I was expecting my first baby. I had a fabulous doula at both of my births and it made such an impression on my life, I knew that I wanted to serve other women in the same way. Pregnancy and birth are the most amazing experience we have and I'm so privileged to be a part of it. I believe women are incredible and strong, and I believe this more and more after every birth I serve at. I believe in supporting women in whatever birth they want. My birth philosophy is to support your birth philosophy.

I've now been a doula for about 2 years. I'm trained and certified through DONA and am excited to complete my Advanced Doula Certification with the Midwifery College of Utah. I'm a member of the UDA (Utah Doula Association) and SLBN (Salt Lake Birth Network) and I am a founder of the UDC (Utah Doula Collaboration). I have received additional training on breastfeeding and perinatal loss. I attend regular training, birth groups, and more. I love being active in our birth community. 

On the more personal side of things I'm originally from California, however, I've also lived in Arizona and Louisiana before settling down here in Utah while still a child. I grew up in the Edgemont Provo area and now we live in this great area again. I have my associates degree from UVU in Photography and I worked as an Events Manager for 8 years before becoming a Birth Professional. I've been married to my husband for 10 years and we have two sweet-rambunctious little boys (4 and 2). 

I'm honored to be a doula in Utah County and love serving the families in this valley. One of my favorite quotes regarding doula work is "She knows her body. He knows his partner. And I know birth. We make a really good team". I would be honored to be part of your birth team. I wish you wonderful and positive birth memories that you love and are proud of!

Lacey was there with me right by my side with my twin pregnancy. She gave me so much info about multiple births that I had no idea about! She is very knowledgeable, kind and truly loving.
I made some tough decisions of leaving the hospital setting with my twin birth, to do a natural at home birth, and it was supported fully by her. She gave me the info and resources I needed to make an educated decision. She showed up late at night, even when I was in false (practice;) labor for support and comfort. It was fabulous having Lacey as my Doula!
— Jayme G. ~ Salt Lake City, Utah