Additional Services

We can customize your experience by adding in an extra 1-hour appointment. Here are some of your options:

Postpartum Planning-We’ll discuss the steps you can take now to make sure you postpartum healing goes as smooth as possible. We’ll cover postpartum depression, the benefits of placenta encapsulation and belly binding, how to organize your family and friends to help you out with childcare, cleaning, meals, and more, we’ll talk about communication between you and your partner, and other plans you can make to make this transition and healing time be a good time.

Extra Prenatal Appointment-In an extra prenatal appointment we can go further into childbirth education, discuss any fears that could be interfering with your labor, spend time discussing any issues that come up during your pregnancy, provider appointments and more.

Extra Postpartum Appointment-An extra postpartum appointment is great if you need additional help with baby care or if you’re concerned about postpartum depression. We’ll discuss how you’re healing, what you’re feeling, and how your transition into motherhood (or additional children) is going.