15 Questions to Ask Your Potential Doula

Earlier this week I wrote about How to Find, Interview and Hire a Doula. For simplicity, I wanted to post 15 questions to ask your doula. Use these when speaking with a potential doula on the phone or when you do your in-person consultation. This will give you a great idea of what kind of person they are, what kind of experience and training they have, and help you decide if you want to invite them to your birth.

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15 Questions To Ask Your Doula

1. Are you available around my due date? Do you have other clients close to my due date?
2. What is your fee? What does that include? What is the deposit schedule like?
3. How much time will it take you to get to my house or birthing place?
4. When will your join me in labor?
5. Can I call you to ask questions or voice concerns? What are your business hours?
6. Do you have a backup in case you can't make it to my birth?
7. What role do you as a doula have? What do you not do?
8. My partner wants _____ role, are you okay with that? How will you work with that?
9. What does your training, education, and certifications consist of?
10. What is your experience like? Hospital/Home Birth? Have you worked with my medical provider? Hypnobirthing, Hypnobabies, Bradley, or Lamaze?
11. Give me an example of your favorite birth moment? Give me an example of a difficult birth moment?
12. What makes you unique as a doula? Why should I hire you over another doula?
13. What other services do you offer?
14. What if my birth preferences don't line up with your birth philosophy or beliefs?
15. What is your birth philosophy?

Feel free to print a PDF of these questions HERE. I hope this helps you on your doula search!

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