Postpartum Help

Have you considered hiring a postpartum doula to help you after your baby is born? 

Bringing home a new baby is a big adjustment. If you already have kids or if this is your first little one, it's a new experience. This can be overwhelming to a lot of new mothers and fathers. Make sure when you sit down and write out your postpartum plan that you consider what kind of help you'll need and want. 

Taking care of yourself needs to be a priority. You need to to heal properly and that can take time. So often I talk to moms who aren't eating as well as they should be. I don't blame them, they'd rather sleep! Or perhaps they're not sleeping that well and they'd love a 30 minute nap. There's always tasks to be done. I remember all I wanted was for someone to sweep and mop my kitchen floor. People would offer to help, but I'd always politely decline. 

Newborn and Postpartum Doula | Utah

Dads have a hard time adjusting too. They help however they can but typically they only have limited time off from work to stay home. They also get tired and worn out from taking care of you, your precious new baby, and other kids or pets. Emotions run high and some dads can feel helpless and just need a little guidance from someone experienced and trained in this area. 

A postpartum doula is an excellent solution. She comes to your home at prearranged times and helps out in any way you wish. From doing housework, cooking and taking care of your baby while your shower and nap to helping with breastfeeding and lending a listening ear (she'll always listen to your birth story!) she's a priceless addition to your 'fourth trimester'. You don't feel guilty asking them to help, cook, or clean. They'll actually help out while you enjoy your new baby! They help you adapt to motherhood during a time when you may feel insecure. A great postpartum doula teaches them self out of a job! Their main goal is to make you feel confident enough that you know you don't need them anymore. Your postpartum doula can even assist you overnight.

Typically postpartum doulas run between $30-$40 per hour with a minimum amount of hours or days. Most will take payment plans and some even offer discounts after a certain amount of time.  The value they offer your family is well worth the investment. Contact us for information on hiring a postpartum doula today.

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