Working Women (and Moms) I'm Grateful For

In honor of International Women's Day yesterday, I'll continue my series on the working mom. Something I read on my friend's blog, The Graceful Mom, that resonated with me was being thankful for other working moms. Our society is full of working moms. It's helpful to know that we're not alone and that were extremely grateful for those others out there. Here's my list of working women and moms I'm grateful for!

working mom teacher utah doula

My doula
My midwife  
My son's preschool teacher (and our future teachers)
My teachers (Aunt Georgia!)
All the wonderful nurses at our doctors and dentist offices
My mother, grandmother, and sister
My co-workers and bosses
Non-profit founders, management, workers, and volunteers
Any coffee shop employee
Leaders, Politicians, Activists, Etc.
My fellow working mom friends, the ones I go to when I need someone who understands! (Alisha, Lia, Ali, Bethany-I'm talking to you gals)

I'm sure there are so many working women that I'll be forever grateful for. So all you working moms out there, THANK YOU!


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