My Favorite Baby Things: For Breastfeeding

It's a question that all pregnant mothers ask, what things do I need for my baby? What are the newest best baby gadgets out there? Here is a list of my favorite breastfeeding items!

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1. My Brest Friend-A breastfeeding pillow! Some women love these, and some don't use anything. Usually, for the first few weeks, you'll want some sort of pillow to help you learn how to breastfeed if you're in an upright position. This pillow is awesome because of it's shape and features. It goes all the way around your body with extra back support and a buckle so it stays on. It is flat on top and has little pillow bumps on the top to support the baby's head. It even has a little pocket for nipple cream, tissue, water, etc. Love this pillow.

2. Infinity Scarf-Speaking of nursing, the infinity scarf is a fun new type of nursing cover! Wear it as a scarf then pull it down for nursing. 

3. Undercover Mamma Nursing Tanks- I Love LOVE Love these nursing tanks. They clip to your nursing bra so you're not wearing a million layers. They've lasted me through two babies and they come in different colors.

4. Bamboobies Nursing Pads- These pads are so soft, I even want to use them when I'm not nursing a baby. They're super absorbent too. I usually won't recommend any other kind (I do have a close friend that loves Lilypadz though!) They also usually hold great free deals around Valentines day and throughout the year if you friend them on FB or get on their email list.

5. Newman's Nipple Cream- This cream has to be compounded at a pharmacy or you can do it yourself if you find the recipe online. It has antibiotic properties in it that can help prevent infections like thrush and mastitis and it is soothing! I will add that LC's aren't recommending it as much lately, purely because Coconut Oil has similar effects. Go with your gut here! I still love this cream.

6. Motherhood Sleep Nursing Bra- I haven't found an amazing nursing bra, however for night time, I LOVE the Motherhood wrap nursing bras. They give you really light support, will hold a pad in, and are easy to pull down to nurse.

7. Simple Wishes Pumping Bra- If you're planning on pumping this bra is for you! Especially if you need a little extra pressure. It holds both flanges in, and it's easy to put them in. You can even wear it as a normal bra for an easier and faster pumping session.

8. Pumping Pals Super Shields-These are great to look into if you're going to be a pumping mom. Not only do they give you different size flanges if you need them, but they're angled so you can actually sit up straight or...gasp...lean back! Amazing.

9. Information- What's better than being educated on breastfeeding? This Pinterest page has loads of information and videos from Dr. Jack Newman. Watch these videos here for great visuals on a good latch, how to tell if they're swallowing, and different positions.

So, those are my favorite breastfeeding items. What did I miss? What do you use that you couldn't have lived without?

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