My Favorite Baby Things: For Babies

What items will I need for my baby? What can't we live without or what's the thing you're happiest someone told you about? We spoke about my favorite breastfeeding items yesterday. Today we're focusing on stuff for the baby.  These things aren't necessities of course, but they're by far my favorite and would be a must on a registry for me!


1. Snuza- I love this baby monitor. It detects if the baby's belly is moving (breathing). If it doesn't detect a movement it vibrates to stimulate a breath, if it still doesn't detect a breath, it will set off an alarm. I know this won't prevent SIDs but it gave me the piece of mind that was well worth the money. Another cool item like this is called the Owlet Monitor. I haven't looked into it but loads of people are talking about it.

2. Woombie- Whoa, by far my favorite must. It's like a swaddle blanket mixed with a straight jacket. Sounds bad? But it's ah-mazing. Instead of Velcro or trying to tuck the blanket in, you just zip the baby up. He still has plenty of room to move his hands (like he's still inside the womb), but they don't get outside of the blanket where he can startle himself. Say hello to more sleep.

3. Swaddle Me-I still do like the swaddle blankets with the Velcro. Same idea, but they come apart easier and the baby doesn't have as much movement. Still much better than a regular blanket.

4. Aden + Anais Swaddle Blanket-If you still want just a swaddle blanket, these are my favorites! There're a few off brands that are nice too. They're a cool muslin and they're really large. Don't even keep the Gerber swaddle blankets, they're too small and thick. Only a premature baby would easily be swaddled in those things.

5. Fisherprice Rainforest Soother-Maybe this one isn't a necessity, but we loved it. My little guy loved staring at this at bedtime. We did have to switch sides so he wouldn't get a flat spot, but he stared at it THAT much!

6. Angelcare Movement Monitor-Like the Snuza, but great when they start rolling and the Snuza doesn't stay on the diaper as well. We did get false alarms more often with this, especially because our little guy liked to stick to the corners of the crib.

7. SnuggleU- I don't have personal experience with this, but it looks amazing and a friend of mine loves it. It keeps the baby snuggled in his crib safely. This will be on my list for our next baby.

8. Diapers- Diapers are kind of personal I suppose. I love the Huggies Pure & Natural. I liked the fit, they didn't leak, the moved great. Other people love Target brand or Pampers.

9. Cloth Diapers- We loved cloth diapers and have gone back and forth. I really like the Bum Genius Brand. For newborns, I like Lil Joey's and Blueberry/Swaddlebees. I also just really love flour sack towels with covers.

10. Carriers- Yay for baby carriers! I love wraps. I also love structured ones. There have been some great new brands come out since I purchased mine, so keep that in mind. I loved my Angel Pack& Ergo Structured Carrier. I've heard great things about the Tula Structured Carrier. I also really loved my wrap. It was an off brand though. People I know love the SollyBaby wrap!

11. Baby Monitors- Who doesn't want a video monitor, with two-way sound, and a way to view it from anywhere?  We've really liked just buying Foscam security cameras. You can setup as many as you want and get them setup on your phone. Even better, it's just a fraction of the price or a special baby monitor with the same features.

12. Baby Brezza Prima- If you're wanting to make your own baby food, this is a great baby food maker. It steams, blends, and it has pre-programmed settings for certain foods. You can get it online or at Williams-Sonoma in the Riverwoods.

13. Baby Food Information-Want more info on babyfood or some good recipes? Go no further than Not really something you can purchase, but I can't help but list it here.

14. Chico KeyFit Carseat & Stroller-Great car seat and stroller set with really good crash test ratings.

15. Radian Car Seat- For when your little one is big enough to need a convertible car seat,  go straight to the Radians. Amazingly safe steel frame car seats with a thin profile. They also have really high rear facing and front facing limits. Love these car seats.

16. Avent Toddler Cups- The Avent Straw Cup and the Avent Grown Up Cup are great for teaching your little one to transition to a big cup.

What did I miss? What is your number one thing for a new baby? Have fun shopping!

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