Why Should I Hire A Doula

We're continuing our 'What Is A Doula Series' today by talking about why you should hire a doula. You've already read about What Exactly A Doula DoesHow to Hire and Interview A Doula, and Where A Doula Works. Now let's discuss why hiring a doula is a good idea.

There is a great value to having a doula with you during your labor and birth. Before we move on I want to hit on the 1 reason you shouldn't hire a doula: because you NEED one. We'll be the first to say, you don't need a doula. Sure, people say you need a doula if they've had a great experience. I'll even say that to friends in the loosest sense of the word, just like I need ice cream or coffee...or coffee-flavored ice cream. I digress. Will I survive without it? Sadly, I will. Does it make my day/night/week better? Yes, it does. Does it improve my experience at whatever event I'm attending (even if that's binge watching Gilmore Girls)? Why, yes it does. But do you need a doula? No, it's not a need. You're perfectly able to birth your baby without us. You are strong, smart, powerful, and courageous. We know you can do this.

With that said, there are many reasons why you WANT a doula. Just like I said above, with my silly but true ice cream/coffee example, it can improve your birth experience. Here are 10 reasons why you should hire a doula:

10. Prenatal Support- Your doula will meet with you prenatally. You'll review your birth plan and wishes and make sure you're on the same page. If you have questions or concerns she can help guide you to a place where you can make the best decision for your family. You doula is a great source of information during this planning time!

9. Perfect Birth Team- Your doula is a perfect addition to your birth team. You know your body best, your partner knows you best, and we know birth best. A doula offers you continuous support throughout your labor and birth. We also work great with your doctors, midwives, and nurses. We help the team have a cohesive feel and open communication. 

8. Physical Support- Whether you're planning a medicated, unmedicated, or abdominal birth, we support you physically. You may labor the whole time unmedicated, you may plan on an epidural or abdominal birth, but go into labor naturally and need support until you get pain medication. We can offer counter pressure and other pain relief techniques to help you cope with labor.

7. Immediate Postpartum Support- After your sweet baby has arrived, your doula stays with you about an hour. This can be a confusing, new, yet wonderful time, especially for first-time parents. We help you get settled, help you stay informed about what's going on with you and your baby, and can even help you begin nursing.

6. Encouragement- One of the most valuable services a doula offers is her encouragement. Were your one woman pep-squad. We believe in you, and we know you can do this. Don't fall for the myth that only women having an unmedicated birth need encouragement and support. Medicated and Abdominal birth mothers need to know they're doing a great job too. If it's a medicated vaginal birth there are still a lot of other aspects of birth that can arise as well as pushing. For an abdominal birth you still need someone supporting and encouraging you! Simple words of encouragement at the right time is priceless.

5. Unbiased, Judgment-free Support- Have you ever felt judged during your pregnancy or past births? No, that never happens. We understand, somehow this beautiful time becomes an open door for unsolicited advice and judgment.  Doulas of Utah Valley commits to unbiased, judgment-free support. Whatever your birth choices are, we're with you. Our birth philosophy is to support your birth philosophy.

4. Assistance- The most simple things can be so helpful! From a foot rub, food run, and carrying your bags to helping you walk to the bathroom and grabbing a warm blanket, your doula can help with most everything you think of. We love to be useful. We love to help the fathers-to-be as well.

3. Information- Empowering yourself and creating a birth story you love starts with information. Your doula can provide informational support and direct you to the right sources to make your best decision. The decision is yours, but having the right information is vital. We increase communication between your provider, can help you find the right questions to ask and more. We provide this support prenatally and during your labor and birth. 

2. Reminders- Your doula loves to help you meet your goals. We can remind you to change positions and use the restroom. We encourage you to do the things you planned on doing like walking, squatting, and using the birth ball. We know how to make the hospital bed work for you! We remind you to drink plenty of water and eat food if you can. We remind your partner to take care of themselves! If you're medicated, we remind you to rotate sides and use the peanut ball. If you're having an abdominal birth, we can remind you of the questions you wanted to ask and the options you wanted to request (like skin to skin in O.R.). There are so many things to remember in labor. Let us help you and your partner while you both keep your mind on your labor.

1. Because You Deserve One- Most people only give birth a handful of times ( a slightly bigger handful in Utah of course!). This is an experience that you'll remember forever. Birth impacts women in the largest way. It can define you in years to come. When we're old, we may not remember much, but we will remember our births. You deserve to have an experience that you are proud to remember; a positive experience. Our desire as your doula is to support you in that goal. 

If you'd like to have us support your birth please contact us today.

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