My Favorite Baby Things: For Maternity

We've reviewed my favorite things for breastfeeding and for babies, now on to maternity items! What things would be great to have for maternity? Best clothes? What about something to cover your growing belly?  Here is a list of a few of my favorite maternity items.


1. Motherhood or Pea In The Pod jeans, shorts and jean skirt-I lived in these things! They have longer shorts which made me feel really comfortable! I lived in the jean skirt too. I prefer full belly panels, however they have both. I've really liked the clothing from Motherhood & Pea In The Pod

2. Target Long & Lean shirts-So maybe they're not actually maternity clothes, but these shirts and tanks are really long. Buy a size or two up and you have a great (and cute) maternity shirt for only $7-$9!! What a steal.

3. Motherhood Wrap Nursing Bra-This was on my breastfeeding list but I loved these bras during maternity too!

4. Books, Books and more Books-I love to read birth books when pregnant! I suggest everyone read Ina Mays Guide To Childbirth.  Penny Simkin's Birth Partner is a tough read, but there is so much great information in there for you and your birth partner. Also, pick up Penny Simkin's Pregnancy, Childbirth, and the Newborn.  I  really liked Natural Childbirth the Bradley Way by Susan McCutcheon. There are so many other great ones out there too!

5. Nausea Help- There are many avenues to get help with morning sickness or nausea. You can smell lemon essential oil, try out Ginger candies from the Ginger People (find it at Good Earth or Whole Foods), or perhaps talk to your doctor about taking OTC Unisom and B6.  Whichever way you choose will be best for you! Hopefully, it will subside soon!

6. Lemon Water-This is supposed to be great for swelling, and if it helps you drink more water that's even better!

7. Any Good Lotion or Coconut Oil-Keep that belly moisturized!

8. Belly Band- I love these! They grow with you, cover up those unbuttoned jeans, and you can even keep wearing them after the baby is born. Target has some great ones for only $17! Pea In The Pod has them for $26.

9. Mini Hair Tie-Perfect for keeping your jeans on without buttoning them. 

10. may as well start your addiction now. This site offers great deals (steals!), boutique items, and even SLC pickup. They have a lot of maternity, baby, kid, and women items.

There are some of my favorite maternity items. What about you? What was something you were so happy you had?

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