When Should I Hire A Doula

A few days ago we talked about why you should hire a doula. Now let's talk about WHEN you should hire a doula.

When to hire your doula is completely up to you. We've had clients hire us as soon as the test came back positive and others have hired us on the day before their due date (one delivered the next day!). Occasionally someone will make a last minute decision and hire a doula while they're in labor. In theory, it's best to start your doula search as soon as you have decided to hire one. Many doulas in Utah book up months before due dates come around, especially if they're solo doulas or a smaller agency. If you'll need a payment plan, make sure to plan accordingly. Full payment is typically due around 36 weeks. Don't forget to plan enough time for your prenatal appointment either.

Our suggestion at Doulas of Utah Valley is to have your doula hired by 20 weeks, but really there's no hard or fast rule. If you're just finding out that your pregnant, we'd love to get to know you and put you on our schedule so we can reserve your spot. If you're due tomorrow, we'll do our best to fit you in!

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