Where Does A Doula Work In Utah

So you've heard about a doula. You know what they actually do. Now you find yourself wondering; where exactly does a doula work? They work only at homebirths right? Nope!

A doula works where ever there are birthing moms. Certainly at homebirths, but also at birthing centers, hospitals, and occasionally the side of the road (however usually that's not in the birth plan). We at Doulas Of Utah Valley want to come support you wherever you plan to birth. We work with your provider and create a team feel; all of us coming together for one purpose, YOU!  We pride ourselves on working well with hospitals, nurses, midwives, and doctors. A great doula increases communication between you, your partner, and your birthing team.

Depending on where you give birth, a doula's role is the same.  At a homebirth and birth center, you'll have a midwife, a few assistants typically, and possibly a lower chance of intervention. So while you may not need information on medical procedures, a doula can help increase communication between you and your midwife on your options and what's going on. She will also provide physical support like providing counter pressure and other pain relief techniques. If any unexpected decisions come along, she'll support you in the choices you make. She'll be there emotionally for you, cheer you on, and remind you that 'you got this'. 

For a hospital birth, many people believe a doula will be your advocate. We're here to say we are not your advocate! Our role is to help you be your own advocate. We want to empower you and give you the information you need to advocate for yourself. This is a key to loving your birth story! When YOU make informed decisions for you and your family, you own those decisions and are much more happy and at peace with the result. We believe you have it in you. If you don't believe this yet, it's time for us to meet.

In an ideal world, a hospital birth wouldn't be faced with adversity. However, sometimes that can still be the case. We understand that worries you. You're planning a birth you want to remember, you're also hearing horror stories. A doula wants to help you navigate those hospital waters. There are amazing doctors and nurses out there! Let's work together with them. Let's increase communication, ask the right questions and re-ask until you get the information you need to make the best decision.

Your doula will also assist in physical support during your hospital birth. Regardless of if you're going medicated, un-unmedicated, or planning an abdominal birth, you may need physical support. If labor starts before a planned induction or abdominal birth you'll want the support of your doula to help you cope until you get pain relief. That rumor about the epidural sometimes not working 100%, well that can happen. We've provided counter pressure and coping techniques to clients in that exact situation. A doula provides great value to clients who have planned or unplanned medicated and abdominal births (cesarean births). In addition to physical support, a doula provides loads of emotional support. We're your biggest cheerleaders, someone you can lean on (literally), and we're with you the whole way.

Doulas of Utah Valley serve at the following facilities in Utah County and much more in Salt Lake County :

Utah Valley Regional Medical Center (UVRMC), Orem Community Hospital, Timpanogos Regional Hospital (TRH), American Fork Hospital, Mountain Point Medical Center, & Mountain View Hospital. This includes both IHC and Mountainstar Hospitals. Birthing centers we serve at includes Better Birth and Birthing Your Way. We serve wherever babies are being born!


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